CITYPASS24 is the electronic card issuing technology for guests, visitors and residents of various cities, resorts or territories, based on the BIL24 mobile electronic cards (MEC). CITYPASS24-based cards are easy to get and comfortable to use. Every aspect of working with a card, such as selling, applying, or receiving statistics, is automated by the tools of BIL24 platform.



1. Card exists in electronic format. Card is easy to get and comfortable to use. User presents the card by showing it on the screen of a mobile device. Releasing and distributing physical cards in completely unnecessary.

2. The card can be easily purchased online or obtained at zero value. To do this, use interfaces (websites, mobile applications) both BIL24 platform and leading ticket operators and travel companies in Russia.

3. Typical solutions are developed for the card: websites and mobile apps.

4. Validation of the card during presentation of goods and services is performed by Mjbile Access ControlS Application.

5. Statistics of sales and validations are available in Reporter App.

6. API is available for all actions with cards.

7. Card can be used for automatic discounts while buying tickets to museums, theatres, guided tours, concerts and any other event. Card can be used for accessing parks, beaches and other objects of tourism infrastructure Inside the BIL24 platform card can be bound to events on variety of venues in different cities.

8. All tools of BIL24 platform are available for card issuing, promotion and realization, e.g. promo codes, push notifications and promotions.

9.9. Card can interact with search system

The card based on CITYPASS24 technology is a modern, fully marketable, automated product..


We gathered a lot of experience of using platform for organizing guided tours. Examples of turs of various types and forms can be found in test zone:


Based on received experience, project «Guided tour service standard» was created in order to provide guided tour service on the modern level of quality, effectiveness and safety. Standards set the requirements for creating guided tour events, informing residents and visitors of country about guided tours, ticket sales for them, organizing enter control, running tours, ticket refunding, statistics and reports.


BIL24 Platform acts as the main aggregator on the mass cultural events market. The ability to receive information about events from different ticket systems, search service and wire agency network allow creating such tourism products as «Event guide» for different cities and territories. Guide is based on interactive illustrated map with venues having tickets open for sale.


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